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Skate deska Ambassadors Pickles


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Kolekce: Horsefeathers jaro 2020
Pohlaví: pánské
Název produktu: Pickles

Materiál: 100% kanadský javor
Země původu: US

Phil Hackett is an iconic artist whose graphic style is easily spotted among other works. The Gnarlboro pack with skate decks instead of cigarettes, Tic Tac skate mints, or any other Micro Living series that your friends have been sharing on social media. All that and more is Phil. His drawings, which are often connected to skateboarding, frequently go viral because they are simply awesome. Our pickle collabo is no exception and we are really excited about it.Phil is a British freelance illustrator, skater and a proponent of synthpop, who currently resides in Bristol. His work extends to media like BBC, The Guardian, or the graphics for the 10th annual of Vans Shop Riot.

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